Hannibal History Museum
"Tea With Molly Brown"
"Haunted Hannibal
217 North Main Street
Hannibal, Missouri 63401
(573) 248-1819
Our plan is to have
auctions on the
regular 'two-week'
schedule unless a
holiday possibly
changes that.


We thank you for
your support.
As of this writing, the USPS will no longer accept responsibility for delivering your fliers in a timely (6 day)
manner.  Most of you know our last flier was delivered after-the-fact.  Many
many people called when they received
the flier after the auction was done.

We have always considered our fliers to be our best investment in advertising.  Even at nearly $1,000 per auction,
we felt the return on our investment was good.  Many of you agreed, praising the flier and the reminder it stood for.  

Sadly, after around 130 fliers, that era appears to have passed.  What now?  We don't know.  AuctionZip is your
best bet (link above).  If we get enough requests for email alerts, that's an option. If you check here, our website, all
is well!  If you have other suggestions,
let us know.
Green Parrot Auction
welcome to:
The Parrot
Sale Preview
October 30th.