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Continuing a Tradition of Fun!
One of our first consignors said:
"I was first to the Green Parrot over 40
years ago.  It was a long, dark drive --and we
were probably a little drunk-- but we sure
had FUN!"
Well, the dancin' girls are long gone, (and the liquor
went even quicker!), but we plan to carry on the best
traditions of the Green Parrot. A common thread--
and one that we'll continue-- is a sense of community
joined with a spirit of fun.

We've given the Dirty Bird a transformation.  Not
exactly a rebirth, but more a good scrubbin' and a
re-arrange.  If you were there in the past (
before the dancing girls, OF COURSE!
) you'll see the
same basic layout and fixtures.  Only REALLY see
them now, since the previous lighting requirements
(dim) have been adjusted to our needs (30+ fixtures
added).  Be prepared, because sober and lit, the
Parrot's at least a third the size you remember.

Look the website over, give us a holler, then come on
over and see us...we've got something for nearly
Or let us know and we'll do our best to find it!)
An elderly,
gray-haired man was
standing at a bus
stop.  He noticed the
spiked red, yellow,
blue and green hair
of a teenager
dressed in punk
clothing.  The brazen
young punk snapped
at the man, "What
are ya starin at, ya
'ol geezer?  Haven't
ya ever done
anything wild and
outrageous during
your own life?" The
man looked the teen
replied "As a matter
of fact, yes, I did.  
I was once married
to a parrot and I
was wondering if you
might be my long lost

"A closed mouth
gathers no feet."
"Time flies like the
wind, fruit flies like

"I had the right to
remain silent, if only
I'd had the ability."

"Middle age is when
our narrow waist
lines and broad minds
exchange places."

"Light travels faster
than sound. That's
why some people
appear bright until
you hear them speak.

"The early bird
might get the worm,
but the second mouse
gets the cheese."

"If God is watching
us, the least we can
do is be entertaining."
" The only difference between a rut and a grave is
the depth."
"Before marriage, we yearn for the mate we love.
After marriage, the 'Y' becomes silent."
October 30th