About Our Facility
The Parrot
Sale Preview
welcome to:
Green Parrot Auctions

On site, reasonably priced, 'real' food and beverages with
designated bar and booth eating area
Men's and women's wash rooms with (gasp) hot and cold running
water and plenty of TP and paper towels.
Seating for 150+ in an indoor, climate controlled atmosphere.
If you get there early, the parkin's great!  ;-)

Mindful of the fond memories many in the area have of the old Green Parrot, we've carefully preserved the 'patina' of the 'ol Dirty Bird.
(In other words, we scrubbed the heck out of it, but don't come lookin
We want our buyers to be comfortable.
Can of pop = $1.50
Piece of cake = $4.00
Gray Wienie = $3.00
Place to sit = priceless!

Now, we've all driven long hours to an auction and
parked 10 miles away.  Out of the car, there's a
long trek up a hill and people standing 10 deep in
front of wagons heaped with boxes.  Odds are
good there'll be blistering heat, blustery cold or

Hungry?  $3 gray wienies floating in a crockpot,
bob for a $2 can of pop, then pull up a damp
piece of grass.

Necessities?  Scott's got the pot, and hope you
remembered to EAT FIRST.
Now at the Green Parrot...
Our preferred location.
We got it all!  Well, all we cared to afford.  

OK, the point is that the Dirty Bird wasn't looking for a buyer.  We
didn't find a building, and make our needs fit it.
 We evaluated our needs,
homed in on the Green Parrot facility then smiled real big when we got
the keys.  We took a few months trying to get everyone comfortable...new
ceiling, new toilet seats (!), new lighting (from about 8 fixtures to 30+),
new floor finish and new seating arrangement.  There's probably not an
owner, employee, neighbor or (hopefully) customer of the establishment
that's not proud.  
October 30th.