Little known in this area, Estate, or Tag sales are widely used--and very
popular--in most larger cities.  
An estate sale operates much like a traditional yard sale, except
we do all
the work.  In most cases the owner avoids the labor of sorting and tagging
an entire household of 'stuff' in exchange for a contracted percentage of
the proceeds.  Estate sales can be an attractive alternative to on-site
auctions because they put less stress on the landscaping and can often be
done in a shorter time frame.  Additionally, an estate sale maximizes the
proceeds if a large amount of small items are to be sold.
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Sale Preview
Sale Preview
Sale Preview
Much as the name implies, a buy-out is when the seller and Green Parrot
Auction agree on a set price for a quantity of items.  This can be used as
sell an entire collection at one time.  Advantages are speed and ease of the
line of credit with a local bank and can consider buy-outs large and small.
Having conducted a large number of  both estate
sales and auctions, Green Parrot Auction
offers the most diverse services in the area.  Feel
free to ask for details and advice on which option is
best for you.
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